Label and Artists

Stefan Erbe officially founded his own record & distribution label on 01.02.2016. In addition to its own productions, CDs and merchandise, erbemusic also labels other projects. Erbe's audio expansion is thus based not only on its own product range, but also on the cooperation with interesting artists and bands who are looking for a suitable label and distribution partner. The Label intention is the promotion of newcomers, as well as the haptic distribution and digital distribution of established audio and video productions. Please send demos by post office or digitally (see contact).

CD and digital
Even if we didn´t use CDs less, we like to hold them in our hands, leaf through the booklet, read the credits and search for the meaning of the concept. Anyone who screws, cuts, writes and composed on a production for many months has invested endless hours in his product and want to share the result with his Fans. Demanding music then deserves a sophisticated presentation, a packaging that dignifies the value of the compositions and hangs them in a printed frame that invites you to consume consciously. A CD is a CD, it is a references. A real element. Erbemusic sells only regular CDs and no CDRs. We believe that this proven format is still a good format and many fans prefer a CD as a carrier medium. Of course there are also digital versions of our music. These can be found here in the shop or at our sales partners.

Our distribution partners
Autonomous action and independent trade are our priority. Long-term partnerships is a solid basis for successful cooperation and lead to the continuous expansion of good cooperation. In addition to the direct sales through the erbemusic web shop, many productions are also available via the usual digital download and streaming portals such as Amazon, Itunes, Googleplay, Spotify etc. In the distribution of physical products we supply Cue-Reords (D), Mellowjet (D) and Groove-Unlimited (NL).