Sound of Sky @ Planetarium Bochum

Stefan Erbe's music show is truly a novelty in the world of planetariums, since it has found a form of presentation that has never existed before and is therefore really unique. The symbiosis of live concert and DJing, combined with a constantly varying and individual visuality of the full-dome animations result in a remarkable mixture. Namely the "Sound of Sky"! Synthetically produced music, commonly called "electronic music", is probably the most diverse way of blending notes and opens up a range that no other genre of music can offer. Ambient, chillout, lounge, orchestral score music, house, dance and many other names form a spectrum that surrounds us every day. However, we hardly notice it anymore, because as natural as it affects us, we consume it so quickly and rarely does the music remain in our consciousness for longer. Only when images and impressions combine with the sounds and tracks does the music achieve what it does best, it creates emotions in us and forms a basis for changing our attention. It is precisely this type of music that seems to have been created for planetariums, as it leaves a great deal of freedom for your own suggestions and imagination. The term "Spacemusic" also seems to describe this character in many cases and thus describes it very appropriately.

Erbes "Sound of Sky" takes this path a little further and always combines a very selective selection of electronic music with the unique atmosphere of the Bochum dome, the Universarium as an impressive star projector and the 8 fulldome beamers to a very conscious journey out of audio and visuals. The sound and the pieces are coordinated and cleverly mixed for their mostly 70-minute and uninterrupted tension, so that you can no longer be sure where the new track starts and where it ends. "Sound of Sky" varies every time and no evening is like a previous event, whether it is a "regular" edition or a late night concert with special guests like ATB, Blank & Jones or Chicane, a special themed evening or one Retrospective in the pioneering era of electronics.

Since May 2011, thousands of guests have already attended the shows of the Hagen astronomer and were able to find out that Sound of Sky is suitable both as a decelerated weekend relaxation and as a universal club starter.