CD: The Sound of Syndae - 10 years podcast

The podcast "Syndae" by Stefan Schulz celebrates its 10th anniversary! Reason enough to ask the many played artists to take on the musical theme of the show. The result is a sampler with 12 (plus original) pieces, all  based on the core theme, namely the sequence and the melody pattern and could hardly be more different. Stefan Schulz had previously proclaimed a jury of experts who chose their favorites from all submissions to determine the final tracks. The list of artists underscores the range and unites well-known as well as lesser-known musicians.

Chris Gate - This is Syndae
moonbooter - Syndae's Theme (Boot From Moon mix) 
Jim Ottaway - Mystery Without Clues
That Horologe Machinery Divine - Of things Impossible? (could Sleep do more?)
Stan Dart - Syndae´s Nightmare
Rudolf Heimann - Analogue Delight
Sonic Chain - The Voice of Syndae
y space - Sunshade
Reskimus - Near Manchester
Dream Within - Flight over Chryse Planitia 
In Vitro - Golden Mars
Stefan Erbe - GP 
Bonus: Stefan Schulz - Golden Plain (The Sound of Syndae)

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